LVG has a fire hall, First Responder and jaws of life that service the emergency needs of Laxgalts’ap. Our fire hall is fully equipped along with our First Responder and Rescue One truck to provide many fire and roadside emergency medical assistance.

LVG’s fire and First Responder team is well known for its ability to respond to all calls throughout the Nass. NVHA utilizes LVG’s services extensively throughout the Valley. LVG’s team is poised to provide First Responder services to all Nisga’a Communities.

Certified First Responders:

  1. Frederick Mckay
  2. Alvin-lee Mckay
  3. Jason Mckay

Certified Occupational First Aid - Level 3

  1. Frederick Mckay

Currently Active Members

  1. Fire Chief - Frederick Mckay
  2. Harry Stephens Sr.
  3. Collier Bright
  4. Andrew Robinson
  5. Alvin-lee Mckay
  6. Jason Mckay