Laxgaltsap Elders

  • Support and enhance the dignity and independence of physically disabled, mentally disabled or elderly adults and to assist them to remain in their own community with family and friends.
  • Assist on a regular basis with the upkeep of their homes and/or meal preparation as required
  • Support Programs and/or services available that promote elders and disabled to participate.
  • Provide services only to the extent that personal and family resources are unable to meet care needs
  • Daily Fitness
  • Transportation to Cultural Events
  • Workshops geared towards the Elders
  • Ensure they file their taxes
  • Grocery Gift Cards 
  • Gatherings most holidays
  • Craft sessions
  • Every year we partner with youth to preserve salmon and oolichans
  • Provide wood for wood stoves (includes splitting & piling)
  • Provide Chimney sweeping service
  • Advocate for the Elders if needed
  • Monthly trip to Terrace for Shopping or Paying Bills on Pension Day