LVG Maintenance Dept

LVG Maintenance Dept

Laxgalts’ap Maintenance Department is responsible for the day to day maintenance of community owned assets. This includes but is not limited to, road cleaning/clearing, daily cleaning and monitoring of water and sewer systems as well as maintenance of public buildings.

The maintenance department also plays a major role in construction of capital projects or community owned assets. LVG maintenance department also runs a gravel pit approximately 1km south of Laxgalts’ap that is utilizes in construction of capital projects.

Capital & Maintenance

LVG’s goal is to be able to provide all amenities to service the needs of the community. Capital is responsible for all assets of the community and includes replacement of old assets or major maintenance of those assets to prolong it life and usability. This includes but is not limited to, community roads, water sewer, and public owned buildings.

Maintenance Equipment

In addition to maintaining our community, we rent the following equipment:

  • Kenworth Dump Truck
  • Peterbilt Dump Truck
  • 430 E Backhoe
  • 320 C Exacavator
  • 966 Front end Loader
  • 790 John Deere Utility Tractor, wood chipper, backhoe, brush eater, mower, wood splitter

Call 621-3202 for more information on equipment rental, hourly rates and availability.