Social Development & HR

Social Assistance

For all clients, please call ahead to book an appointment with our HR Dept.

Appointments will be required for any assistance needed from our office.

For New Applicants or Annual Renewal Appointments, documents required for initial appointment are as follows:

  • Most recent pay stub or E.I stub
  • Documentation regarding any other income received (WCB; Pensions; Honoraria; Income from self-employment, etc.)
  • Most recent hydro and telephone bill
  • ID for yourselves and all dependents on file

Your application is complete when all consent forms are received back. When all paperwork is in order, we will then give to finance for processing. Please do not call finance directly to request information regarding your cheque.

Please expect a time frame of approximately 14 days from the time of your application until your cheque is ready.

Application Package

These forms can be downloaded and completed in advance of an appointment with the social development office. This process will be completed during your appointment.

 Special Needs – ALL Clients must complete the ACTION PLAN with LVG Human Services Clerk.

 Cheque processing days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, for cheque issuing, Wednesday and Fridays.