Tourist Attractions

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Laxgalts'ap is located in the scenic Nass Valley, in the Pacific Northwest region of British Columbia.

Nisga'a Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is located in the Nisga'a  Memorial Lava Bed Park. 

Nisga'a Memorial Park

Our Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park is located on the Nass River, it is a popular tourist attraction with a 16 site campground and a cultural museum displaying Nisga'a artifacts.

Volcano Hiking in the Nass Valley

If you want you go on a hike to see the Volcano's crater,  you can make a reservation. 

Scenery and Wildlife

The Nass Valley is filled with all kinds of wildlife--bears and eagles are frequently seen--and if you are lucky you may see a moose or the elusive Kermode bear (white color subspecies of black bear).  In addition, the mountain and river views are spectacular, so don't forget your camera.

Totem Pole

One of the first totem poles raised in Laxgalts'ap since the government building was built.  So far this is the only totem pole in the community of Laxgalts'ap and it is located near the Government building at the entrance to the town.  However, there are many other totem poles to see in The Nass Valley.